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August 2017

Happy Dance

Posted in Date Night, Summer
on August 21, 2017
ruffle dress

Happy Monday y’all – we made it to another one and I’m a little more excited to start my week with a fun ruffle dress. Mondays are particularly hard for me to get going since I am usually still on a weekend high. I find it a little easier to get motivated when I feel confident and put in a little more outfit effort. Today’s ruffle dress is one of my summer favorites and also one of my looks from TBSCon a few weeks ago.  Continue reading

Beauty Review: T2 Eye Cream

Posted in Beauty
on August 17, 2017
VII Code T2 eye cream

In a saturated market, it’s really hard to know what the real standout products are. As a beauty industry veteran and true skeptic of the market and it’s high level of competition, I approach each new product as a gimmick or a flop until proven otherwise. Now I’m not as horrid as those first two lines make me sound and I have, on multiple occasions, been surprised and proven wrong by many truly good products. But we have to admit, the beauty industry knows our buying power (men and women – hello men’s grooming trend) and every brand wants you to catapult them to the leader ranks by using any means necessary. “12 X fuller lashes”, “look 40 years younger”, “face-lift in a jar” – I’ve heard them all and I don’t believe every eye cream is going to eliminate my dark circles, lines and puffs all in one fell swoop of the finger. But this is one of those times where I found a winner and a product I truly enjoy and see a difference with. Continue reading

TBS: the Con

Posted in Events, Travel
on August 15, 2017
floral cut out dress

Good morning everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend and have had your week get off to a good start! Today I’m finally recapping my amazing trip to Chicago for #tbscon. I want to start by prefacing that over a week later, I’m still on a high and am so energized by all the amazing people I met and the things I learned. Continue reading

Ruffle Drama for Your Mama

Posted in Every Day Outfits, Summer
on August 11, 2017
one shoulder top with ruffles

Give me all the drama! Ruffle drama that is. Honestly, when it comes to ruffles: the bigger the better and the more the merrier. Can you think of another quip, pun, saying or phrase to emphasize my love for dramatic ruffles?! Pile it on and then throw this ruffle one shoulder top on top of the pile because it is still my favorite to date. Today I’m sharing another way to wear this amazing top I just cannot get enough of. Continue reading

Walk the Line

Posted in Looks, Outfits
on August 7, 2017
band tee

Happy Monday Y’all! It’s been one heck of a weekend & I can’t wait to share everything from #TBSCon, but while I’m still getting my life in order and getting into the swing of Monday, I wanted to share this awesome casual look with one of my fave graphic tees.  Continue reading

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