Beauty Review: T2 Eye Cream

VII Code T2 eye cream

In a saturated market, it’s really hard to know what the real standout products are. As a beauty industry veteran and true skeptic of the market and it’s high level of competition, I approach each new product as a gimmick or a flop until proven otherwise. Now I’m not as horrid as those first two lines make me sound and I have, on multiple occasions, been surprised and proven wrong by many truly good products. But we have to admit, the beauty industry knows our buying power (men and women – hello men’s grooming trend) and every brand wants you to catapult them to the leader ranks by using any means necessary. “12 X fuller lashes”, “look 40 years younger”, “face-lift in a jar” – I’ve heard them all and I don’t believe every eye cream is going to eliminate my dark circles, lines and puffs all in one fell swoop of the finger. But this is one of those times where I found a winner and a product I truly enjoy and see a difference with.

beauty review eye cream

VII Eye Cream has been a great experience from the day it arrived in my mailbox. (I’m definitely one of those people that is impressed by nice packaging. Even if you product is crap, you’ll get a good initial reaction if it comes pretty and makes me feel like I got a luxe item.) The eye cream came in a fabulous leather pouch with beautiful red lining. I opened the small bag and withdrew the product and admired it’s all around great presentation. I’ll have to admit I was still skeptical about the actual product but vowed to keep an open mind until I had consistently used it for at least two weeks. I used it morning and night on a freshly cleansed and make-up free face by applying a light dab just under my eyes. The cream was smoother than anything I had felt or used before and had a very creamy texture. Again, I was pleased. It didn’t even take two weeks to get me sold on this stuff because after 5 or so days my eyes were hydrated and fresh looking. I am pleased to say I still use it regularly and have made it part of my night-time ritual. If you’re looking for a product that is thicker in consistency, but smooth in texture and application, you need to try this stuff!! It just might make you a believer.

VIIcode T2O3.0 Oxygen Eye Cream ml

Vii T2 Eye Cream (c/o)

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