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Fall Stripes

Posted in Every Day Outfits, Looks, Outfits
on September 28, 2017
fall stripe cardigan look

Happy Thursday day babes. Today I’m tackling a topic that, somehow, in 2017 in the South is still a “hot” one. You probably guessed it: white after Labor Day! I’m sure I’ve told you guys I’m not much on the fashion rules, especially when it comes to white. I really like white and feel like it truly has life year round. And tbh, as long as it’s still reaching high 80’s & 90’s, I’m not busting out the black or dark washes. So, today I’m sharing one of the ways I transition my white jeans to Fall with this stripe cardigan.  Continue reading

Not Millennial Pink

Posted in Every Day Outfits, Looks, Outfits
on September 15, 2017
pleated leather skirt

Mornin’ y’all. With the swift change in temps I jumped at the opportunity to break out a few transitional fall pieces – including but not limited to this pleated skirt. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend getting a leather (or faux depending on ethics and budget) skirt. It is a warmer style and looks great with OTK boots, flats, sneaks, loafers or heels. Continue reading

Red & Ruffled

Posted in Looks
on July 26, 2017
reeses hardwear fashion blog ruffle tops

Hooray for hump day already! Few things get me super excited. Not like a little excited, but really pumped where you’re borderline obsessing and telling anyone who will listen how happy you are that ruffles and one shoulder tops are trending and this top is the be-all-end-all to that story & today I’m adding a little flav-a-flav with these tropical printed shorts.

Continue reading

Keep Palm

Posted in Looks, Outfits, Wedding Guest Style
on July 24, 2017
weding guest style palm print dress

CONFESSION: I love big bright prints! It probably isn’t a groundbreaking or even surprising confession, but I’m completely crazy about them and this palm print dress is no exception. I actually have to force myself not to completely immerse my wardrobe with prints and embellished pieces – balance is key y’all. Continue reading

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