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Detox. Retox Repeat. I saw this on a ton of shirts at Lollapalooza when I was in Chicago. While I’m 99.9% sure the phrase doesn’t mean the same thing to me this week as it did to the Lolla squad, it is the phrase on loop in my head. You may have seen on insta that yesterday was my birthday (hooray!). As a result of ushering in another year and the most recent Labor Day weekend, I have been super indulgent – birthday cake, ice cream and those delicious beach margs – to name a few culprits. So today I’m starting my 7 day cleanse and clean up and not only getting my healthy bod back, but taking it to the house too.CHI® Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron

While you probably know my weakness for cake and a good beach marg (they always taste better at the beach), you may not know how much I truly hate ironing and anything that requires more maintenance than pulling it out of the dryer and hanging it up. Luckily for me, the new CHI® Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron takes care of a lot of my pain points with ironing. Long gone are the days of going over and over the same spot trying to get one monster crease out of a garment. The Chi iron has several settings and heat adjustments (like the hair straightener) to give any garment a smooth, polished look. It also has 400 steam holes for superior steam performance so you have event hit those silky or delicate pieces at the same time. I still really hate the task of ironing and feel like Wally and the Beav are going to run through the house at any moment when I do, but the CHI iron has cut my time in half – leaving more time for me to do my hair!

chi iron

chi iron


chi iron

chi steam iron

chi iron

CHI Hair straightener

chi iron  flat iron

chi iron

CHI Electronic Iron (c/o) // CHI Hair Straightener (c/o) – similar here

My Look: Top // White Jeans // Belt // Earrings // Sandals // Bracelet (c/o)


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Julie I Aloha Lovely

Ugh, I hate ironing too! Wonder if Chi has just a steamer?

Sarah Camille

So awesome that CHI makes an iron now! I have to admit.. sometimes when I travel, I just use my flat iron to get light wrinkles out of my tops!! 🙂
Cheers, Sarah Camille //

    HAHA I have done that too!!!! this thing is just as amazing as the flat iron!


I have a retractable iron and that feature alone is the bomb. I wish all of my darn appliances had a retractable cord!

Ashley - Forking Up

That is too funny–I never knew CHI did ACTUAL irons, not just hair irons!

    they are pretty new but I have to say just as amazing!!!