Snow Day

winter outfit peacoat and hat

Well I am finally getting around to talking about that snow day we had a few weeks ago! To say life has been crazy these past few weeks is an understatement. I can’t wait to tell you guys everything that’s happened, but since we aren’t quite out of the winter woods yet, I wanted to share my snow day look and this fab pea coat to get you through these last few weeks.

winter weather scarf and hat

When it’s cold, I’m usually holed up in the house with coffee, tea or hot chocolate and Hallmark movies. This time I just couldn’t help but go out in it for at least a few minutes. I got myself bundled up in my pea coat and fave scarf and headed out for a stroll in my parents’ back yard. My parents have a great back yard and it is always nice, but I love how a fresh coat of snow makes the most ordinary things so beautiful. It was so cold and messy though, I was pretty much done after 20-ish minutes in it. If I’m being honest… I was really only out there long enough to get some shots in and throw handfuls at Wes. Keep scrolling down through the images to see where he retaliated and totally nailed me with a snow ball!

snow day style

Since it was so miserably cold and wet and I knew I wasn’t going to last too long, I threw on all my cold-weather staples but left my ski attire in the closet. The thing I hate about winter, minus being so cold, is all the layers of clothes you have to wear to not be cold. I tell my family aaaaaalll the time that “I am a summer bird”. I only do cold because I don’t exactly have a choice. I love a good puffer vest, but when it comes to coats and true winter wear, I love wool. I’ve had this pea coat for a few years now but it has held up so well and continues to be a classic piece of outer wear. I opted for a grey shade to lighten up my winter wardrobe. Y’all know good and well everything gravitates to black and dark in the cooler months so I really challenge myself to lighten up where possible. This amazing blanket scarf is good for that too. I love the asymmetrical stripe pattern and how the color palette is soft yet cozy.

winter outfit peacoat and hat

My tall rain / snow boots got a hole in them and since I haven’t replaced them yet, (color commitment phob here!) I threw on my trusty duck boots & – you guessed it- wool socks! I totally underestimated the depth of the snow so only a little got in my boots. I’m officially on the hunt for new snow / rain boots and taking recommendations. Are you guys sold on Hunter? Should I go color or neutral? Please send me your recs!

winter pea coat

knot sweater stripe scarf

pea coat duck boots

winter snow outfit

felt hat and pea coat

snow day winter outfit snow day accessories wool hat  snow ball fight

snow day


Peacoat // Hat // Scarf // Jeans // Duck Boots // Knot Sweater // Mittens



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