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Posted on March 24, 2016

Welcome to Reese’s Hardwear, my name is Taylor! I am a creative southern girl in her mid twenties living in Charlotte, NC. I was born and raised a Carolina girl and love calling this place home. I attended Appalachian State University for three years where I double majored in Apparel & Textile Design and Communications. In 2012 I moved back to Charlotte to finish my degree in sports communication at Queens University of Charlotte. I started this blog to share my style, creativity and all out love of fashion with all of you. I love meeting new people and making new friends. My husband calls me a chatty Cathy.


  1. I am a jewelry designer and naturally a very creative person. I love pretty things! Vague, I know, but stationery, art, fashion are all inspiring and motivate me to always push my creative limits to come up with something amazing. My jewelry line was born out of my frustration with my lack of options on the market. I remember having this outfit that needed the perfect pair of earrings to complete it. I didn’t know exactly what that was, but I knew the right ones would stand out if I saw them. Tireless searching left me empty handed until I stumbled upon the bead section at a local craft store. The hallelujah chorus sang and I decided to make exactly what I wanted. I kept creating and before I knew it, people were approaching me requesting to purchase the pieces right off of me.

2. I am equal parts social butterfly and homebody. I love the rush of always having an event or something going on, but find peace and joy in a night on the couch with the hubs.

3. In June 2014 I married Wes.  He is my best friend and the best man I could ever have dreamed to marry. We met working for a college summer league baseball team and have been inseparable ever since. Our first date was the Coca Cola 600 (Raise Hell Praise Dale). He is all that and a bag of chips. I could go on and on about him but that’s really it in a nutshell.

4. Another look at handsome hubs.. mostly because the third picture cut off his sweet head 🙂

 If there is anything you want to know about or see a post on please feel free to email me at reeseshardwear@gmail.com.

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