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Valentine's Date Night Outfit Lace Skirt

For me, Valentine’s day and February in general are far less about the holiday and more about the turning point for fashion and style. I use the month as an excuse to 1. wear every single pink item I own and 2. start working my trans Spring pieces into my outfits. Since it is the month of love, today’s post is all about the Valentine’s date night outfit complete with lace midi skirt and a scalloped crop top. Valentine's Date Night Outfit Pink Lace Skirt

I have had many thoughts and feels about Valentine’s day over the years. As I told you guys last year, it’s not really a day that Wes and I celebrate. I’ve always been on the side where I’ll show you and tell you how much I love you every day, not just because it’s a holiday. But leave it to a Hallmark movie to put it into perspective for me this year. I was sitting on the couch waiting for Wes to finish working and put on the movie. Side note – I love having the Hallmark channel playing in the background because they always have feel good movies on and they aren’t too complex in plot so you can jump in in the middle and still know what’s going on. Anyways, there was a friendly dialogue going on about why someone needs a holiday to show their love for those around them. It peaked my interest so I started paying closer attention and low and behold the rebuttal that changed my perspective. The opposing character responded with “Why do we celebrate anniversaries or anything with our loved ones?!” My mind was instantly blown and it really made me think about my attitude towards the day.

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Pink Accessories

I have been approaching it all wrong! This year, I resolve to have a better attitude and to make the most of it. I probably won’t go all out and crazy with gifts or anything, but I will consciously put forth the effort to show my husband and my family how much they mean to me. And yes, I will be rocking my best Valentine’s date night outfit instead of the sweatpants and gym hair I usually sport. In light of my recent revelation, I challenge all of you to embrace the holiday instead of dreading it. If you don’t have a significant other, celebrate yourself, or your sibling, or your bestie. Next to my Valentine, there’s nothing I love more than a good Galentine! No matter how you celebrate, do what makes you happy. I’ll be wearing pink and indulging in some delicious chocolate truffles.

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Valentine's Date Night Outfit Crop Top

Valentine's Date Night Outfit

Valentine's Date Night Outfit

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Pink Lace skirt

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Crop Top and Skirt

Valentine's Date Night Outfit

Valentine's Date Night Look Pink and White

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Pink Skirt

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Gold Crossbody

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Lace Skirt

Valentine's Date Night Outfit Pink and Gold

Tank (old but similar here) // Lace Ruffle Skirt  // Wedges // Bag // Shades // Earrings (c/o) // Lip


all photos Kim Graham Photography

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Laura Leigh

I am SO obsessed with this look! Like lady you are just killing the game. That skirt is everything.

xo Laura Leigh


Super cute outfit! I especially love that skirt- perfect for Vday.

All She Things

OMG, I am totally digging your skirt. It’s so pretty. Love it!


Gorgeous outfit, the sunglasses are screaming my name!

Mary Yowell

Cute outfit!! I love Valentine’s Day (hopeless romantic) I hate the whole buy me this and this! Heck get a pizza and cuddle me! I’m a simple girl anyways I don’t want my man spending a ton of money on me any day of the year lol I hope you have a great VDay!!


The skirt has such great movement. Very pretty for any time not just Valentine’s Day


I love all the pink – pretty indeed! Everything about your outfit is perfect from top to bottom – those wedges are so adorable. I agree, for V-day spend it how you wish and with who you love.

    Thanks Sandy! These wedges are my favorites and they come in so many great color options. Hope you have a fantastic Vday.


I always try and start working spring pieces in on February as well! I love your valentine’s outfit choice.


Those wedges are really beautiful! Perfect for the upcoming spring seasons!


I adore that top! Super cute! And I liked that you shared the perspective of that Hallmark movie. I never thought about it that way either. But that is a very good point. As I’ve never had a significant other on Valentine’s Day, it’s not something I need to worry about right now, but for later on in life!