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Ruffle neck floral dress

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we’re half way there…” I honestly cannot believe how fast this week is going! Does anyone else wake up with Bon Jovi in their head on random Wednesdays?! Maybe not, but I know one thing most women get pumped about and it’s a great ruffle neck floral dress. I can honestly say this is my favorite dress to date and I am beyond obsessed with it. 

ruffle neck dress

Back Story:

I have been really privileged in my career in retail / fashion / beauty that I have had a hand in a lot of really amazing projects and as a result, have gotten to know some incredible up and coming designers and brands. A few months ago, I was working one of these events and discovered CR Clothing Co. The designer was presenting and showing her pieces and wearing a killer skirt that I was already drooling over when I saw this baby on the rack. I don’t know what went off in my mind but I was sold and immediately obsessed – you could ask any 1 of the 50 people around me.. this was one of those pieces I was determined to get because I just loved it that much. After basically email stalking the very nice designer, she helped me with sizing and timing so I could take it to TBSCon (if you aren’t caught up on the trip you can check out my full TBSCon recap and day 1 look)

high ruffle neck dress

Ruffle Neck Floral Dress

Let me tell you why I love this ruffle neck floral dress. First, the print and the color combinations are fresh! Purple isn’t always my color, but it also isn’t used very much in design. Pick your retailer and filter their dress selection by color – it will be one of the smallest assortments. When I see it done well, I am usually pleasantly surprised and drawn to it. Now add on the high ruffle neck, mod A-line shape and  pockets, and you have a hit!! Also- it’s cotton so you don’t burn up in this sweltering heat and it’s super easy to take care of. I know I say a lot of my dresses are easy to dress up or down (because I am kind of low maintenance and lazy when it comes to garment maintenance) but this one legit is! The silhouette is so good it masks the casual fabric to make it dressier (shown here – duh!) but can also be super casual with some flats, tote and jacket (that one coming soon!). Lastly, it’s super flattering and forgiving which is why I give it my stamp of approval for date nights and wedding guest style. This bombshell will cover a multitude of sins including but not limited to your food baby or the last drink you maybe shouldn’t have had before hitting the dance floor. Hope you guys have a great hump day! If not, throw on some Bon Jovi and rock out!


floral swing dress with ruffle

high neck dress

floral dress

floral dress

Ruffle Neck Floral Dress // Shoes (old) // Bag (c/o) // Earrings // Watch // Shades // Nail Color

Photo Cred: Rachel Biers 

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Omg this is the CUTEST dress ever! I need this in my closet right now!

Jen Smith

I love that print! Perfect for summer (which never ends in Florida!!) 😉

the sophia diaries

Oh, never seen this dress before!!! I love those heels, I don’t think I could pull off silver xD